Ich stelle euch im Monat Juni ein Paar wirklich schöne Blogs vor. Ich habe den Autoren Fragen zugeschickt um diese zu beantworten und uns somit ein persönliches Bild von ihnen zu gewährleisten. Heute stelle ich euch Mikkel vom Blog Boohyouwhore vor. Er ist wirklich sehr stilsicher zudem setzt er mit seinem Blog nicht nur in Skandinavien Trend sondern auch bei uns. 
Es freut mich sehr, dass er sich für uns Zeit genommen hat. Viel Spaß beim lesen :

Where do you get inspiration for your style?

My inspiration for my style is widely found in the blogosphere. I tend to read a lot of different blogs and i always seem to hate a trend to begin with and then after a couple of months it kinda take on me, and i end up loving it. Other than that i am kinda of a person who really just follows his heart, so a lot of my clothes is just what i like . Oftenly i don't really get affected by the different trends i end up loving, so i just buy what i think is cool . 

Where do you buy your clothes? Have any favorite store?

It's quite sad, but i really shop a lot in H&M . It's always been my favourite store 'cus you can everything from basic for no money to nice cool things which cost a little more . I really like vintage shopping to, and it's especially in vintagestores i find my little bargains!

What is the best bargain you’ve ever found?

My best bargain must be the navy-cardigan i found in a vintageshop like 3 years ago . It really fits everything, and i love it soooo much . Other that that it must be leatherjacket . 

Do you have any favorite designer?

I have two actually . Alexander McQueen and Gareth Pugh . Alexander McQueen was the first designer i ever watched a fashionshow by, online, and it got me hooked to fashion immediately . It was the bird-indpired fashionshow he did for his best friend Isabella Blow when she commited suicide . The sadness, and the overal exclusiveness in the show was what hit me as being amazing . Ever since that i have really been a fashionoholic . I sincerely cried when McQueen died .

Gareth Pugh i love because of the androgynous style of his clothes . And the kindoff gothic feel, which is a feel you always get by watching his show . He's amazing .

Your best style advice?

Be yourself and never be affraid what other people think . Fuck peoples oppinions as long as you feel cool! And if you don't know what to wear one evening, wear all black . Never fails!

What kind of music do you listen to?

Depends on the mood and situation . But in my everydaylife I tend to listen to The XX alot right now .. Rock and indie is pretty much what i like a lot . And than theres The Pretty Reckless . They're kinda cool . But my favourite song right now must be The XX - Islands .

If you could choose any three things to get for free, what would you choose?

That's a tough one . I think i would choose a MacBook Pro, The new iPhone HD and than an Alexander Wang Diego Bag ..

Where would you like to be right now?

Right now? I would be in a park in Copenhagen with the sun shining and some beers and a couple of good friends . But it's rainy so i guess not .